Student Life Strategic Plan

Our Strategy

We expand learning beyond the classroom.

Our Values

We value and are committed to:

  • Put students first
  • Actively work toward social justice
  • Act with integrity and personal responsibility
  • Be a good colleague

Goals and Objectives

  • UO students engage in transformative experiences throughout their UO life.
    • Student Life helps students progress on their individual growth pathways.
    • Student Life helps students develop, apply, and consistently articulate their skills, abilities, and goals.
  • Student Life priorities are adequately resourced to meet the needs of all students.
    • Student Life provides students with seamless support.
    • Student Life administers programs, services, and facilities that are sustainable and fiscally responsible.
  • Student Life actively works toward equity, inclusion, and social justice.
    • Student Life cultivates a diverse and culturally aware community.
    • Student Life honors all aspects of diversity and challenges campus to do the same.
  • Student Life delivers an exceptional student and staff experience.
    • Student Life provides high-impact growth and development opportunities for students.
    • Student Life actively values our employees in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Focus Areas

  • Welcome: Provide a welcoming environment full of opportunities and resources for success
  • Engage: Encourage students to access services and engage in activities that keep them safe and connected
  • Explore: Illustrate and facilitate the connections between academic experiences and out-of-classroom opportunities
  • Know: Help students translate their out-of-classroom learning to their life beyond the UO.
  • Fly: Celebrate their accomplishments and cheer for their future success.

Student Outcomes

  • Positive experience
  • Well educated
  • Socially responsible
  • Career ready