Our Strategy

We expand learning beyond the classroom.

Our Values

We value and are committed to:

  • Put students first
  • Actively work toward social justice
  • Act with integrity and personal responsibility
  • Be a good colleague

Goals and Objectives

  • UO students engage in transformative experiences throughout their UO life.
    • Student Life helps students progress on their individual growth pathways.
    • Student Life helps students develop, apply, and consistently articulate their skills, abilities, and goals.
  • Student Life priorities are adequately resourced to meet the needs of all students.
    • Student Life provides students with seamless support.
    • Student Life administers programs, services, and facilities that are sustainable and fiscally responsible.
  • Student Life actively works toward equity, inclusion, and social justice.
    • Student Life cultivates a diverse and culturally aware community.
    • Student Life honors all aspects of diversity and challenges campus to do the same.
  • Student Life delivers an exceptional student and staff experience.
    • Student Life provides high-impact growth and development opportunities for students.
    • Student Life actively values our employees in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Focus Areas

  • Welcome: Provide a welcoming environment full of opportunities and resources for success
  • Engage: Encourage students to access services and engage in activities that keep them safe and connected
  • Explore: Illustrate and facilitate the connections between academic experiences and out-of-classroom opportunities
  • Know: Help students translate their out-of-classroom learning to their life beyond the UO.
  • Fly: Celebrate their accomplishments and cheer for their future success.

Student Outcomes

  • Positive experience
  • Well educated
  • Socially responsible
  • Career ready

Share Your Ideas

As a division, we are committed achieving our goals, objectives and outcomes. If you have ideas about how we can achieve these, we invite you to share them here. All ideas will be shared with division leadership and considered carefully.

Must be from an @uoregon.edu e-mail address.