Career Center

The Career Center helps students establish fulfilling careers, contribute to the community, and adapt to the increasing complexity of life and work in today’s society. The Career Center is the primary campus resource for students and alumni seeking career direction and full- and part-time employment. It provides information for career decisions and job searches, helps students identify their work-related strengths and interests, and connects employers to the UO community.


Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is dedicated to enriching and maintaining a positive and inclusive campus community. The Dean of Students team serves as a point of contact within the University for students, staff, faculty, and students’ family members in times of crisis. Here, students can find support for a variety of concerns, including academic difficulty, illness, a death in the family, and other personal emergencies. The Office of the Dean of Students is also home to several programs to support the UO student experience.


Erb Memorial Union

The Erb Memorial Union (EMU) provides a combination of programs, services, and facilities that enrich the educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities in the UO community. The EMU helps students find ways to get involved on campus and helps make extracurricular activities an integral part of their education. The building houses meeting rooms, dining, lounges, craft center, ticket office, and a staff of consultants to help groups and individuals plan events at the UO. The EMU is also home to the student government and more than150 diverse student groups.


Department of Physical Education and Recreation

Physical Education and Recreation (PE & Rec) enhances the quality of life for all students through a state-of-the-art recreation center, physical activity programs, and non-instructional recreation activities that focus on health and fitness, outdoor pursuits, aquatics, sports, structured intramurals and open recreation. Additionally, PE & Rec offers elective credit Physical Education courses including aerobics, fitness, outdoor pursuits, aquatics, individual activities, racquet sports, team sports, running, weight training, mind-body, and martial arts.