The Division of Student Life strives to serve as a model of equity, inclusion, and collaboration. 

EQUITY: when the availability of opportunities to meet needs differently is open to all without institutional, cultural, or individual barriers preventing access

INCLUSION: a commitment to enable others to do their best work by cultivating a sense of belonging; everyone is valued, respected, and supported

COLLABORATION: intentional coming together or bringing together multiple constituents to identify and work toward a goal together

We use the concepts of Multicultural Organization Development (by Jackson and Hardiman) as the framework to become a model for equity, inclusion, and collaboration. It helps to guide the plan and the progress toward including and engaging everyone, as well as advocating for change that eliminates social oppression.

MCOD indicators:

  • Mission Statement
  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Decision Making
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Physical Environment
  • Staff Recruitment and Hiring
  • Staff Orientation, Professional Development and Retention
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Research and Assessment
  • Student Services
  • Capacity Building

Division of Student Life MCOD Team

  • Chair–Daniel Pascoe Aguilar
  • Career Center–Chelsey Augustyniak
  • Career Center–Colleen Lewis
  • Dean of Students–Justine Carpenter
  • Dean of Students–Quantrell Willis
  • Erb Memorial Union–Tamarra White
  • Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement–Rian Satterwhite
  • Physical Education & Recreation–Trish Dorman
  • University Counseling and Testing Center–Susie Musch
  • University Health Center–Raechel Gleese
  • University Housing–Bonita Damewood

New Employee Orientation

If you are new to Student Life or have not attended the Division’s New Employee Orientation in previous years, you are invited to join us for a New Employee Orientation. The program, intended for non-student employees, begins with a welcome from our Vice President for Student Life, Dr. Robin H. Holmes, and highlights the departments in the Division, our three Division goals, and our Multicultural Organizational Development efforts. It’s also a great time to meet with colleagues and network. 

While this orientation is not required, we strongly encourage you to attend. Please check with your supervisor for release time, as appropriate.