Plan for a Bright Future

You don’t have to run for office to be a leader—there are dozens of opportunities to step up and get involved in issues that are important to you. Sure, running for ASUO Senate will give you leadership experience—but so will organizing an ice hockey team or coordinating the sexual violence prevention workshop for your residence hall. There are formal leadership opportunities through the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement and through the many student jobs in departments all over campus. OrgSync can help you find other opportunities as well.

Are you thinking about that perennial question: “what are you going to do after college?” We can help! the Career Center has dozens of workshops, special events with employers visiting campus, and one-on-one career counseling. 

How are you going to lead?


UO Advantage

Ever wonder how you are going to land your dream job? The real truth is you need an advantage. A way to tell an employeer not only that you have a world-class education, but you didn't waste any time in school—you maximized every minute. You showed up, you participated, and you learned something about yourself in the process. The best news is you can track that now—so show up for the interview with a UO Advantage.

My Experience


Career Center

There are a lot of ways to plan for your future, but the Career Center is working to make that easy for you every day. Prepare your résumé for an internship, attend a networking event, or land a campus job. These are just some of the ways they are making this all possible for you to do great things when you graduate as a Duck.


Holden Center

Leadership has a lot of different hats. And you're going to have to try a lot of them on to get the right fit. The Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement is your hub for leadership and service. Now, it doesn't stop there. You will have a lot of opportunities to connect and lead all over campus, we just know you will need a place to start. Get connected with the Holden Center.