Program Review Purpose

Consistent with our strategic plan, program review allows the Division of Student Life to systematically evaluate our progress toward achieving our vision and goals. More specifically, program review within the division serves to ensure the creation and maintenance of high-quality, effective, and efficient programs and services that are consistent with relevant professional standards and best practices, demonstrate the alignment of department and program activities with the university mission and the Student Life vision, core purpose and values, and strategic goals, and inform department strategic and operational planning.

Division of Student Life Goals

Experience: UO students engage in transformative experiences throughout their UO life.

  • Student Life helps students progress on their individual growth pathways.
  • Student Life helps students develop, apply, and consistently articulate their skills, abilities and goals.

Access: Student Life priorities are adequately resourced to meet the needs of all students.

  • Student Life provides students with seamless support.
  • Student Life programs, services, and facilities are sustainable and fiscally responsible.

Diversity: Student Life actively works toward equity, inclusion, and social justice.

  • Student Life cultivates a diverse and culturally aware community.
  • Student Life honors all aspects of diversity and challenges campus to do the same.

Excellence: Student Life delivers an exceptional student and staff experience.

  • Student Life provides high-impact growth and development opportunities for students.
  • Student Life actively values our employees in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The vice president for student life will appoint members to a Program Review Committee. Committee members will primarily be members of the Student Life Leadership Team, and at least one assistant or associate director who is not a member of the Student Life Leadership Team. Members may rotate off of the committee every two to three years, depending upon availability of new committee members. Roles of the Program Review Committee include:

  • Providing oversight and accountability.
  • Implementing and guiding program review process.
  • Submitting executive summary of program review activities and outcomes to the vice president for student life and the student life leadership team.

Timeline and Schedule

Departments and functional areas identified by the vice president will typically be reviewed on a seven-year cycle. The review process will be initiated by the vice president for student life, or designee.

Departments, functional areas, and units will receive written information with relevant dates and deadlines, and a suggested timeframe for completing activities related to the program review. Larger departments and programs will typically take up to one year to complete their self-studies and site visits. Smaller departments and programs may only need one to two terms to complete these activities.

Program Review Team

  • Renée Delgado-Riley
  • Johanna Seasonwein
  • Jessi Steward
  • Melissa Yamamoto